Reiki is a Japanese word that means "Universal Life Force."

In the Usui tradition that Grand Master Hawayo Takata brought to us out of Japan, it is a hands-on technique (in the first level) that one is initiated into, enabling anyone to practice effectively.

Reiki works on all levels - spiritual, emotional, mental and physical - finding the problem and healing it at the source.

Being Life Force, it has its own intelligence and goes where it is needed without direction from the practitioner beyond the prescribed hand placements that were designed to cover all the organs and the chakras.

There is no need to have knowledge of anatomy or even focus on the work at hand. In fact, Reiki treatments can include conversation. We don't direct the healing or control the energy. The only requirement to be a practitioner is to be properly initiated and follow the hand placements on the body. 

The Importance of Lineage

The word "Reiki" is commonly used today. It is increasingly rare that it is the pure Usui System of healing that Takata taught, but an unfortunate mixture of some Reiki, a lot of imagination and too much ego.

After Takata's transition in 1980, people began inventing their own symbols and techniques to try and make this perfect system "better." When changed, perfection can only be diminished. Unfortunately, many pure hearted seekers were misled into healing work that had little to do with Reiki.

Ordinarily, this might not matter, but when Reiki was changed, it was diluted and therefore less effective. 

As a result, lineage is of extreme importance. Not only was I fortunate to learn from Takata herself, I was in the exalted company of Rev. Beth Gray and Rev. Fran Brown, two of Takata's Masters, as well as Dorris Denby who honored me with Mastership after receiving her own Mastership from Fran. Not least, she was my mother.  

We all enjoyed many years of Reiki conversations and shared work. I benefited greatly from the proximity of these wise, gifted and generous women. Beth was my mentor, a spiritualist minister, teaching me everything I know about the psychic world. I didn't know it then, but she was the doorway to my life. Fran, too, mentored me for years.

I studied with Grand Master Hawayo Takata in 1975, receiving Reiki levels I and II from her. It wasn't until 1993 that I stepped into Mastership. My deep commitment is to teach Reiki the way Takata taught me, changing nothing, adding nothing. The Grand Master sets the fees, so I charge today what Takata charged back then.

Reiki is simple, pure and powerful.

I ran a weekly open clinic back in those early '90's, where people would show up to give and/or receive treatments. Some practitioners would enact elaborate rituals or call in angels before starting a treatment. Others would "beam" Reiki from across the room to the expectant patient, while yet others would tell how they received their Reiki - from start to Mastership in a weekend. Nowadays, there are claims of being able to initiate online. None of this is Reiki. It was my inspiration to become a Reiki Master, in order to pass on the teachings of Hawayo Takata, the last and final Grand Master of Reiki healing.


REIKI I - $150

This first level of Reiki requires three initiations spaced out over three days and a final "closing in." Each day consists of about two hours depending on the size of the class. The student learns the story of Reiki and how it came into being, as well as the proper hand placements including the exceptions to standard rules of approach. Practical application is part of the class and students will work on each other. No symbols are used in Reiki I.

REIKI II - $500

A deeper commitment, Reiki II includes the ability to call in a greater power, to work with the mental process including memory, creativity, addictions and more, as well as sending Reiki to a distance. Not everyone is eligible for Reiki II. This is at the discretion of the Master and requires at least three months of development using Reiki I. It consists of review and discussion of Reiki I, one initiation and learning the 3 symbols associated with Reiki II.


This is the deepest commitment and requires a minimum of three years working with Reiki. This is the most powerful level and includes the ability to teach and initiate others into Reiki energy. One initiation and one more symbol given. 

There are only 3 degrees of Reiki. 

Reiki Kanji

Dr. Mikao Usui


A Brief Overview 

Dorris Denby

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Hawayo Takata

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