The Low Fat Herbivore

99 recipes for every kind of vegan deliciousness without any junk food or any oil. This book takes the learning curve out of eating healthy with recipes so good even omnivores love it, and so simple even a beginner will have success. From soup to nuts and healthy desserts. Way to go. 

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HONOR THE mystery

The tale of a young woman who leaps into life, determined to find her place in it, having no idea who she is, how she fits or where to start. She learns to follow her guidance and the ride begins. A non-stop adventure story that some have called a romance. 

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Great Awakening

In two parts, the first is the story of how I developed my psychic gifts and met Li Chen. An adventure story. The second and richest part of the book is a series of public talks Li Chen has given on a variety of subjects, including Q & A.

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Jocelyn Graef


Trance Medium, Author, Reiki