Jocelyn Graef

Trance Medium, Author, Reiki

Born annoyingly psychic, I spent my childhood trying to get rid of the problem so I could be "normal." When that didn't work, I decided I'd better get a handle on it so I could stop being afraid of it. I figured it must be for a reason. So I found a mentor...

That was the beginning of a journey that continues today, enriching my life beyond imagining and bringing me into a large circle of people and animals who are my family in a true and deep sense of the word.

A Few Words About Me:

How I May help you

As you peruse my website you will notice that there are many options in terms of things I offer that may be of interest to you. Yay!

Then again, there might be something specific you are looking for that isn't on my published list of offerings. Never fear. Just send me an email and perhaps there is something I can do for you, or connect you with someone who is skilled at what you are looking for.

In over 40 years of working in the "woo-woo world," I've gathered tools too numerous to list and a community of incredibly gifted healers and psychics. 

We're all in this together. If I can make you stronger, or point you to someone who can, we all benefit. If I can bring you joy, the world is shinier. Your win is everybody's win.

If I can help make a better world by bringing you clarity in a moment of confusion, I am both fulfilled and grateful.

If my guide, Li Chen, can be a teacher for you, my purpose is enriched.

If we spend time together and you go away better, I am honored. I will be better for it, too. 

Come visit often. I look forward to seeing you!